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My friend Joan Willingham is a longtime Los Angeles-area singer-songwriter who, if I remember correctly, I first met in March 2005 through our mutual friend Linda Geleris. These days, Joan has an incredible prison ministry teaching music and songwriting to the inmates at the California State Prison Los Angeles County in Lancaster. My first visit to sing there was last December. One of my fondest memories of that first trip was that all the “guitar geek” guys came out of the woodwork. It was a total blessing to give each of them a couple hands-on minutes playing my Ryan Guitar. In Guitar Land, that’s kind of like taking the Ferrari for a quick test drive. It was really cool. For this outing, I’ll be singing for a couple hours in the early afternoon. Of course, unless you’re reading this from somewhere inside the Facility, you can’t come … but your prayers would be much appreciated.

I’m headed to San Antonio for Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. Every year now, it seems I’m in the area on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Last year, some folks drove over from Houston to hear me … and we make tentative plans right then and there for them to host a House Concert at their home in 2018. Before you know it, almost a year has passed and, with a minimal amount of effort, I’m singing at their house on this night. I know you must being saying to yourself right now, “Hey Bob, I bet I/we could host you at our house!” And, you know what, you’d be absolutely right! Why not contact me using the handy Form right here on the website. No salesman will call, no high pressure, it’s just me. It’s easier than you think. Don’t have the kind of house to host 25-30 people? That’s when you start thinking of friends who do and might partner with you in this. It’s all doable. Honest.

This night is being set aside for a House Concert to be Named Later. My pal Greg Gremmer brings me in every year for the LINC-SA fundraising concert on Sunday afternoon. I love working with him and Rev. Dr. Ely Prieto and look forward to it again. At this writing (09/24/18), details are still being worked out for a House Concert on this Saturday night. For a rather snappy, even if I do say so myself, “pitch” for contacting me to host your own House Concert, see the Houston link above for last night’s listing. (It’s not laziness in my not retyping all of that info here …it’s, uh-h-h, just an “economy of effort”!)

Four years and counting. Again, I’m heading back to the San Antonio area for another go-round with LINC-SA (Lutheran Intercity Network Coalition of San Antonio). As always, all proceeds from the evening will benefit their work in the Community. As of this writing (09/25/18), we’re nailing down the final details as to exact time. Our location this year is different from years past. So, if you’re a veteran of this Event, please take note of the new host location. Admission is “free” but, of course, we’re hoping you’ll consider donating to support the work of LINC-SA. As we approach the date and details get locked in, I’ll update this listing. I want to extend my now-annual thanks to my pal Greg Gremmer as well as LINC-SA Director Rev. Dr. Ely Prieto. Finally, please note that I may be singing in a Sunday School Class and/or one of the Morning Services at this very same Church. Again, more details soon. (Location hint from Church website: “Off Nacogdoches between Judson and O’Connor“)

We’re into December now and it’ll be Christmas before we know it. That means I’ve been polishing my relearned songs from Christmastide and ready to sing them from Thanksgiving through Epiphany. Can I come to your house or Church and sing these songs? The chances are an enthusiastic “Probably so!” … All you have to do is use the Contact Form and tell me what you’re thinking. Hosting a House Concert is easier than you would imagine and I’ll be happy to walk you through some of the steps to consider. Christmas not going to work? Well, we’ve got the whole of 2019 just around the corner. Somebody’s got to be celebrating something. Be the first person on your block to say, “Bob Bennett? Yeah, he’s a personal friend of mine now. And he sang at my house for cryin’ out loud!”

I sang at Calvary Chapel Rialto on Easter Sunday earlier this year. It was a great morning  all-around. Here’s the fun thing … Assistant Pastor Daniel Hlebo literally put this date on the Church calendar in the parking lot as we getting ready to leave after it was all over. How’s that for efficiently covering the major Seasons of the Christian Calendar? His Dad, Pastor Terry Hlebo, signed off on the whole idea in between Services.

I’ll get a heads-up soon as to how long I’ll be singing. Likely not less than 30 minutes and perhaps a bit more . I’ll update as I get more specifics. But if you’re in or around Rialto, please mark your calendar and join us. I know at this juncture, things are either already getting a little crazy (or about to) with all the Holiday rushing around. This could be a nice way to slow down a bit and, as the true cliché goes, remember and celebrate the Reason for the Season.

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