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Yay! I’m visiting The Packinghouse for the umpteenth time … and loving it!

Please note that I’ll be participating in multiple gatherings (Sat/Sun):

  1. A Saturday PM version of the Sunday AM Service at 6:30 p.m.
  2. Three Sunday AM Services at 8:00, 9:30, and 11:00 a.m.
  3. Sunday PM Bible Study at 6:30 p.m. (Pastor Greg Opean)

Thanks to Robert Easley for continuing to invite me in the post-Kim-Hutchcroft era.
And, as always, I appreciate Pastor Ed Rea for trusting me for decades on end now.



It’s really fun to do a Private House Concert. Use the Contact Form to touch base for general info. If you actually have a date/time in mind, then click over to the Book Bob Form and fill-in what you can. In either case, I’ll respond promptly and we can then connect to see if we can get this done. This is easier than you might think … and I try really hard to make it so.

This will be my very first visit to First Baptist Grapevine. Many thanks to Ron and Monica Huber for hosting me and arranging for this visit. Also, thanks to Worship Pastor Kellan Monroe (at the Church) for helping us coordinate everything. As with virtually all of my concerts, it’ll simply be me and a guitar. But what always make it different (and interesting for me) is the folks who show up to listen to (and, hopefully, engage with) the songs. Come be one of those folks and make the night one-of-a-kind just by showing up. PLEASE NOTE: We’ll be meeting in the Youth Amphitheater.

My good pal Bill Hayes and pastor Dr. Toby Snowden have invited me back to High Pointe Baptist Church in Cedar Hill … my last visit was in May 2013 for a full Concert. On this morning, I’ll be singing for the “Classic” Worship Service in the Student Center at 8:30 a.m. Then at 10:45 a.m., we’ll meet in the main Worship Center for the “Contemporary” Worship Service. Of course that means a hymn for the first go-round and then some of my classic acoustic hip-hop tunes for the second one. (Just wanted to see if you actually read this far.) Please come join us if you’re not otherwise committed that morning.

My dear friend Bill Hayes is coordinating a House Concert to be held at a private home in Duncanville, TX. Most of the time these are invitation-only, not-public events. And that’s mostly the case here … but Bill has graciously offered to open up 6-8 seats to the public. If interested in attending, you simply email or call/text Bill to confirm. If space is still available, he’ll get you the exact location  and any other pertinent details not given here. (Since the evening will also feature a potluck dinner, it would be very neighborly to coordinate with him to bring a little tasty something along with you to contribute. And then, of course, you’ll join with the rest of us in the Culinary Bonanza that will surely ensue. As far as admission, here’s the deal: When there’s not a set ticket price (and there isn’t here), then a voluntary donation of some sort is requested and the amount is up to attendees.

I really love doing House Concerts. It’s a wonderful, up-close way to enjoy a night of music … and performers seem to like it as much as the small audience does. As they say on the airplane when serving snacks, “We apologize if your first choice isn’t available” … meaning that once the limited number of “public seats” are gone, that’s that. We don’t want a fire marshall getting all out of sorts on a pleasant Sunday evening, right?

PS: If you’re reading this and thinking, “You know Bob, maybe I could host a House Concert”, let me say that I like the way you’re thinking. Use the Contact Form to touch base with me and I’ll send some general info as to how it all works. The majority of people I sing for in homes have never hosted a similar event before … it really is quite doable.

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