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This private House Concert is listed here to remind you, as you scroll down, that I love doing these kinds of Events. It’s not hard and I’ll be happy to talk with you to answer questions to see if this would be a good fit for you.

For more information about House Concerts, please click HERE for the page “Where I Play”. Again, I love doing these. Sometimes the best way to attend a Bob Bennett Concert … is to host one in your home! Use the Contact Form to express interest and we’ll schedule a phone call. There is no obligation implied or expected … we just talk. (Don’t feel funny about that, it’s just me here, okay?)


My good friends Mike and Chris McCoy got together with Copalli Café owner Olga Araiza to put together a last-minute afternoon concert. This looks to be a great, intimate space with the added bonus of tasty food, coffee drinks, etc. (You know how I love the snacks.) This is an early afternoon affair, so please plan for that and join us if you can. There’s no cover charge but it would be terrific if you’d consider ordering from the menu to support the Café and maybe buying a CD or something for my part in the afternoon.

As far as location details, the Café is located at The Shops at Faithville Park and addressed as Suite 101. Spring Branch, TX is roughly a 45-minute drive from San Antonio.

I’m so happy to be returning to the San Antonio area for a third annual go-round with LINC SA (Lutheran Intercity Network Coalition of San Antonio). As with prior events, all proceeds from the evening will benefit their work in the Community.

After we start with a Program Update about past, current, and planned Ministry activities, we’ll get right to the Concert. Although I’m not sure of the exact timing, I know there will be desserts, coffee, and tea served to top off the early dinner you had on your own before coming. The Event is free but, of course, we’re hoping you’ll consider donating to support the work of LINC SA.

Please kindly RSVP to Greg Gremmer by Email or Telephone to RSVP. We’ll need to plan for seating and food/drink to make sure everybody has a seat and enough to eat.

I know the listing says “Sunday School”, but we’re in the 21st Century now. So, this is actually a “Community Group” (and, to be fair, similar groups also meet in the evening on Saturdays). Rob and Dawn Aldridge lead the “Family Ties” group which consists of marrieds and singles, aged 50-75 … in other words, these are my people! My suggestion is that if you’d like to attend this morning’s gathering and you’re not a regular part of the class, it might be a good idea to email Rob simply to make sure there’s space. These sorts of things, while certainly not closed to visitors, tend to be planned for as “in-house” by default. So, it makes sense to check-in if you’re visiting. If only so they brew extra coffee and lay out more donuts. We’ll be meeting at Faith Annex, a building nearby the main church. Check out the Campus Map link for more info. You can also go old-school and simply ask a real human being once you get parked.

Please note that if you can’t make this morning (or if you’re just that committed of a listener), I’ll also be singing at 3:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church of Salem and the concert will be followed by a potluck dinner. See the listing below this one for details.

With my visit to Salem for this morning’s Sunday School concert at Salem Alliance Church, I was hoping to fill-in the evening with something “local” if not back into the Portland area. It worked our very well that my longtime friend Jennie Pitney invited me to spend this fine afternoon singing at First United Methodist Church in Salem, OR. Her husband pastors there (so she has that “in”) and, I’m happy to report, the Worship Community also gave the green light. So that’s where I’m heading that afternoon for a three o’clock start.

Given that we’ve turned the corner into December, this will primarily be a Christmastide Concert and I’m hoping to sing two or three carols all together with whoever shows up to listen. But, as always, I’ll also be including a few “any season” songs.

Please note the event will be held in the Micah Worship Center (the building next to the main church on the corner of State St. and Cottage St. NE).

I couldn’t be more excited. No sooner do I get home from my UK Trip on June 12th, 2017 … and I receive an unexpected generous invitation to return to Israel (for the fourth time)! The ball started rolling with my close pal Pastor Steve Hopkins. Steve recently was called to a new pastoral position at Table Rock Fellowship (Medford, OR) after many years at Calvary Chapel Salem. While on a recent tour to Israel, he got to know and become friends with Dr. Paul Shockley, a pastor at Bethel Church and Professor at the College of Biblical Studies in Houston. While they were in the Galilee, they visited the Gadara area that inspired my song “Man of the Tombs“. In fact, Steve read the lyrics to the assembled tour group. That led to a discussion of the possibility of me singing the song in-person at that same spot on the next tour. Now plans are unfolding for me to do just that. While there, I’ll be musically partnering with Steve to  lead worship and sing many of my own songs whenever it’s appropriate to the setting. (Twice before I’ve sung an a capella version of “Jesus Christ the Apple Tree” at the Church of St. Anne in Jerusalem. The acoustics there are incredible and I’m hoping to do that again.) In addition to Your Humble Acoustic Servant, Steve, and Dr. Shockley, the Tour will be led by Pastor Wayne Cone of Cypress Bible Church (Houston, TX) and Dr. Dwain Camp, who recently served as Interim Pastor at Bethel and now works with Equipping the Saints in Houston. (Whew, I know, lots of info!)

But now the thing to look at is the dedicated TOUR WEBPAGE with lots of items you’ll want to check out. Six Tabs and One Big Button will get you informed in a hurry: 1. Home (Trip Overview), 2. Itinerary (Subject to Slight Changes but Pretty Close I Expect), 3. Flights & Hotels (Most will depart Seattle. Hotels in Tel Aviv, Ein Gev – Gallilee, and Jerusalem), 4. Extensions (Extra-Cost Days in Eilat – Petra), 5. Payment Policy (Deposit by 09/21/17, Balance by 12/21/17), 6. Travel Insurance (Optional Add-On to Deposit), and finally … 7. The Handy, Hard-to-Miss Register Now Button (Uh, that’s so you can, say it with me, Register Now!). And finally now, THE question: How much is it? Assuming a Seattle Departure and Double Occupancy, the Basic Tour cost is $3,835.00. That’s not cheap but seems very well-priced from what I know on the subject. I very much hope you can join us. If there are other items/concerns not addressed in all you’re reviewing, please click HERE to email Steve. Tell him Bob Bennett sent you. It won’t do a thing but it’ll make me look really, really good!

JULY 2017 UPDATE: It appears the Tour is fully booked.
But between now and February 2018, some slots may open up.
If you’re interested in being put on a Waiting List in case something
opens up, email Steve at the link directly above.

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