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Yesterday¬†I played for the FiftyPlus Ministries group at Trinity Church in Redlands, CA. Paul Plaxton extended the invitation at the kind suggestion of my friend John Coulombe. Although it feels a little funny sometimes to say it, it’s more true than not these days: Seniors are My People! I’m 61 and a card-carrying senior now and for many of these folks, I’m kind of like their kid brother. It’s truly an honor when I get a chance to sing for my older brothers and sisters. In both life and in the Faith, they are further along the timeline … and a great encouragement to me. Though there are walkers and wheelchairs in evidence for some, make no mistake about it, these people are still faithfully “running the Race”!

Although I was seated at the back of the room during the group singing for worship, I simply had to capture a couple¬†clips to share. In each one, as I slowly pan my iPhone across the room, you can see dear longtime saints who are worshipping without spectacle, without performance, and without pretense. Even though they appear to be low-key, they’re all-in! As I sang along with them, I could hardly contain myself to be counted among their blessed number.

(What also made the day especially good for me was the good company of my dear friend Steve Hopkins who is visiting from Salem, OR.)

Steve Hopkins

Steve Hopkins

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