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I recently sent out an Email Newsletter. (If not on that List, you can subscribe by clicking HERE.) This is a very cool development that I wanted to highlight here as well. Here’s the story:

At the tail end of this last Nashville trip, one Email Lister gently admonished me that I really should’ve highlighted these dates in a Newsletter. Of course he’s absolutely right … and I apologize for the oversight. To address that specific issue, my friend Jorim Tapley has added a small widget at the top of the Concert listings. This will allow you to subscribe for upcoming concert notifications. (This is a separate thing from my Email Newsletter.) You can opt-in and try it. If it gets to be too much, it’ll be easy to unsubscribe. When I update the page and add concerts, you’ll know about it. That way when I’m coming to your area, you’ll have a heads-up right away. (Thank you Jorim!)

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