Jesus Music Again

Track Listing

Bill Batstone, Bob Bennett, & Alex MacDougall
(Artists listed are the versions we really liked!)

  1. Oh Happy Day (Edwin Hawkins Singers)
  2. There is a Redeemer (Keith Green)
  3. Until Your Love Broke Through (Keith Green, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill)
  4. Little Country Church (Love Song)
  5. Every Grain of Sand (Bob Dylan)
  6. Soon and Very Soon (Andre Crouch)
  7. Communion Song (Barry McGuire)
  8. UFO/He Will Carry Us Away (Larry Norman/”Carry Us” by Bob Bennett)
  9. Presence of the Lord (Blind Faith)
  10. More Than Halfway Home (New Song: Bob Bennett & Bill Batstone)
  11. Scripture Medley (“Worship Set in a Box”)
  12. Easter Song (Second Chapter of Acts)