Track Listing

  1. Introduction (JudsonU Live)
  2. Joy Deep as Sorrow (JudsonU Live)
  3. Carpenter Gone Bad? (JudsonU Live)
  4. Hope Like a Stranger (JudsonU Live)
  5. Lord of the Past (JudsonU Live)
  6. Jesus in Our Time [Vocal: Tim Caffee] (JudsonU Live)
  7. Altar in the Field [Vocal: Lindsey Mayer] (JudsonU Live)
  8. Come and See (JudsonU Live)
  9. Psalm 149:1-4 (JudsonU Live)
  10. God with Us (JudsonU Live)
  11. Carol of the Moon and Stars (JudsonU Live)
  12. God My Shepherd (JudsonU Live)
  13. Angels Around Your Bed (JudsonU Live)
  14. Hand of Kindness (JudsonU Live)
  15. Still Rolls the Stone (JudsonU Live)
  16. My Redeemer Lives (JudsonU Live)
  17. The Doxology (JudsonU Live)