Bob Bennett: Lord of the Past

Track Listing

  1. Carpenter Gone Bad? (FTF)
  2. My Redeemer Lives (FTF)
  3. You’re Welcome Here (FTF)
  4. Matters of the Heart (MOTH)
  5. 1951 (MOTH)
  6. A Song About Baseball (MOTH)
  7. Madness Dancing (CD only) (MOTH)
  8. Come and See (MOTH)
  9. Mountain Cathedrals (MOTH)
  10. Saviour of the World (N-F)
  11. Still Rolls the Stone (N-F)
  12. Yours Alone (Out-of-print)
  13. Psalm 149:1-4 (Out-of-print)
  14. Man of the Tombs (Song re-recorded on TVFH)
  15. Lord of the Past (Song re-recorded on TVFH)