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Every once in awhile, I tidy up my home office. Then I plant myself in front my now-long-in-the-tooth 2012 iMac. I plug in a “ring light”, fire up my condenser mic, grab my Ryan Cathedral guitar … and take to Facebook Live. I always “officially” schedule these things for a half-hour. But I always have so much fun, that it goes on longer, sometimes up to ninety minutes. The trick, of course, is to sing to a small green light at the top of the computer display and keep my mind on the music … while I’m also occasionally looking at the stream of comments/questions/request scrolling in real-time as we go. Can’t join me in real-time? Not to worry. Unless something goes very wrong, the whole shebang will remain on Facebook … and I post an archive copy to YouTube as well. Shortly after I upload to YouTube, I make a “road map” of the the entire set so folks can scroll back and forth to what interests them if aren’t able to commit to watching a full set. So, click over and join the hearty, enthusiastic band of folks who always seem to turn up. We’ll be happy to have along!

I’m so pleased to have been introduced to Pastor Jerry Rueb at a recent Men’s Retreat. The fellowship was instantaneous and his insights throughout were welcome and appreciated. Fortunately, for me, he took an interest in my music there and that led to this invitation. He will be preaching on “spiritual warfare” and, although my song “Man of the Tombs” doesn’t precisely address his emphasis on the topic, he’s asked to sing it at the conclusion of his message. I’ll also be joining the Worship Team for a second song somewhere else in the Order of Service. So, a new place to sing and new friends to make … a part of my job that I truly treasure! If you’re in and around the greater Long Beach area and otherwise uncommitted, please make plans to join us either Saturday night or Sunday morning. PLEASE NOTE … I will also be singing for the 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening Service (which is an evening-before version of the Sunday AM Services).

This is a fun one to post. 25-30 years ago, Steve Sallee hosted me in concert. He emailed me out-of-the-blue about a recent conversation at his Church concerning my old song “You’re Welcome Here”. That prompted our reconnection and this invitation to visit. I’ll be singing that song, and maybe another one, at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Service. Then I’ll be returning for at 4:00 p.m. for a full concert set. There will not be a formal ticket price or required amount to come … anyone can attend. But we’re respectfully requesting a $10.00 per-person donation if possible to help the Church cover costs. (In other words, your Humble Acoustic Servant hopefully gets to pay some bills on Monday!) It’ll be great to get reacquainted with Steve and his family as well as meet the Congregation there. If you can join us for the morning and/or evening, it’ll be that much better for all concerned!

I’m happy to be returning again to Holy Trinity and my thanks to Worship Leader Travis Goodman for this invitation to “pinch hit” again. Preceding the Service there is a fifteen-minute Coffee and Community time on the patio, while inside Needham Chapel I’ll be playing some instrumental music for the Quiet Prelude. Then I’ll be assisting with music throughout the morning’s worship. My longtime attendance at All Saints Church and now, for many years, my beloved St. Matthew’s Church has given me a great love and appreciation for the Liturgy. Although when I’m a “civilian” I’m used to a more formal traditional approach, I also very much resonate with Holy Trinity’s thoughtful integration of both ancient and more contemporary elements. It’s a very welcoming place. One of the blessings of my life in music is to feel a comfort and kinship with all kinds of Churches and “styles” and, thus, it’s my honor to serve the Faith Community at Holy Trinity.

My fourth year! I’m so very gratified to be returning again to share an evening  with my friend Paul Aldrich as part his very successful Paul Aldrich & Friends concert series. My first year was with Bruce Carroll and Scott Wesley Brown. The second year was my first time meeting and sharing the stage with Wayne Watson. Last year, I had my first meeting and concert with the legendary Matthew Ward. As I post this in early February, we’re starting to publicize the evening with just the two of us. But don’t be surprised if a special guest to be named soon is added. If that happens, you’ll know about it as soon as I do. But however the bill shakes down, the important thing is that if you’re in the Greater Nashville/Franklin area, please mark your calendar for Friday, March 20th and grab tickets as soon as you can to reserve your place. (As always, my heartfelt thanks to Paul and Kim Aldrich for always making me feel like a member of the family!)

Almost exactly four years to the day from my last visit on April 17, 2016 … I’m happy to be returning to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church at the invitation of Rev. John Hohe. I’ll be singing in all three Sunday AM Services. The 8:30 and 11:00 a.m. Services are more traditional in format with the 9:45 a.m. Service being a bit more contemporary in approach. As per the Beautiful Savior Concerts page on Facebook: “Artist will sing about 25-30 minutes at each service with the exception of the 9:45 a.m. service where they will have closer to 45 minutes.” Pastor John has been bringing Christian musicians to the area for quite awhile and a quick perusal of past guests puts me in pretty distinguished company indeed. If you’re not otherwise committed to attendance elsewhere, please join us!

This is going to be a blast. A couple decades or more ago, I worked with Dan Adler at Church of the Open Door in the Twin Cities. He is the founder/director of Heart of the City Ministries in Anoka, MN. I’ll be doing two sets and likely taking requests along the way. I haven’t been to the area in years and I am really looking forward to being back there again to sing. (And, if I’m being honest here, I’m also giddy at the opportunity to possible grab some Red’s Savoy Pizza during my visit!) … Oh, okay, where was I? Oh yeah. From the website, here is a great summary of Heart of the City’s mission and work. Who wouldn’t want to be a part if this?!?


Since 1996, Heart of the City Ministries – a non-profit, Christian, multi-ethnic music ministry, has been sharing the Gospel and bringing a message, model and experience of multi-ethnic worship and Biblical unity through the amazing talents of the Heart of the City Worship Band! Now, since 2018, they are continuing this mission through hosting stylistically and ethnically diverse quality concerts at the Heart of the City Music Factory in Anoka, Minnesota.In a time when divisions are increasing and becoming more entrenched, the need is great in every big and small way to build bridges in the name of Jesus.The Heart of the City Band has 11 different ethnicities represented in it with it’s members coming from many different congregations of various Christian denominations.Their music reflects that diversity in style including Native American, East Indian, Gospel, Urban Contemporary, Reggae, Salsa, Bossa Nova, Modern Worship, Hymn styles and others.

Advance tickets are $25.00 through Eventbrite. Tickets at the door are $35.00. (Please note this venue is not currently handicapped accessible. There are stairs involved for getting to and from the second-floor performance area.)

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