This night will involve taping an hour-long program for future broadcast. The exact air date has yet to be determined but will likely be at 6:00 p.m. on a Saturday night sometime in the Fall. The program is called Living Room Concert Series. The show, essentially, is an in-studio “house concert” with a small group of folks joining me on set as the audience. It’ll be informal, solo acoustic (as always), and will likely be a fair representation of what I might do if I visited your house. (Except for the raiding-your-refrigerator part.)

If you’re in the Greater Pittsburgh area and would like to attend this evening, you can request reservations by emailing the fine folks at Cornerstone TV Network:

Many thanks to Linda Wilson for her kind invitation to appear. And Linda and Tom McGough have also been quite generous in helping to spread the word about my 06/25/16 concert with Doyle Dykes.