Like the Friday House Concert in Peachtree Corners, this particular date was scheduled as a result of me already being booked in the general area (Grayson, GA) on Saturday night. And, of course, this is now the beginning of what I hope is an annual “Places Named Peachtree Tour”! Anyway, when a firm date schedules, I like to immediately “fill-in” around that date so I can stay busy all weekend long. A longtime listener heard about my availability on Facebook and, voilĂ , here I am! We decided to start at 4pm so we could get people out to dinner by 6pm or shortly thereafter. Sunday nights can be tricky to schedule and it seems the-earlier-the-better works best for those who have a workday or school day ahead of them on Monday. PLEASE NOTE: I’ll also be sitting in with the Worship Team and singing at both Sunday Morning Services. Those are at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Many thanks to David Clarke and Worship Team Pastor Rob LaLiberte for bringing it all together.