It’s really fun┬áto do a Private House Concert. Use the Contact Form to touch base for general info. If you actually have a date/time in mind, then click over to the Book Bob Form and fill-in what you can. In either case, I’ll respond promptly and we can then connect to see if we can get this done. Email is just fine, texting is fine … I use ’em all the time. But, an old-school phone call with actual voice-to-voice back-and-forth is the best way. Don’t be intimidated. Honestly, it’s just me here, for goodness sakes! This is easier than you might think … and I try really hard to make it so. In this particular case, the evening is a surprise … so this deliberately oblique listing exists for one reason only: to let you know that I love doing House Concerts … and that I’d be very happy to do one for you.