Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to work with Pastor David Cobia on a book project he’s developing on the subject of The Arts and Spiritual Formation (not the title). As part of the survey of various disciplines he’s exploring, he’s highlighting songwriting. So, I’ve been occasionally meeting with him to discuss the creative process, both in general and from a specifically Christian-worldview context. We even have plans to premier a song we’ve co-written. This morning, there will be a buffet brunch and then I will be singing for about 45 minutes or so. Starting off at first with some “regular songs” and then pivoting to my¬†Christmastide¬†songs. David has recently been called to pastor at New Life Christian Church in Glendale and the Church has a fascinating history. In addition to some of his more “conventional” pastoral duties … teaching, preaching, counseling, etc. … David is also planning to usher the community into a more keen appreciation of the Arts and to nurture the Creatives who already attend there as well as those who may find their way into the supportive fellowship they’re hoping to create. (This sort of thing is, sadly, more rare than you might ever expect.) It’s going to be fascinating to see what will happen and I’m glad to have a small role to play at the beginning of the journey. For those who are interested in the Church and see this listing after the fact, the Church meets in Glendale and you can click on their website link for more details.