I’ve known Pastor Jack and Debbie Abeelen forever. Due to the natural passing of time and, in no small measure the two-plus years of Covidtide, a quick check of my calendar tells me I haven’t been to Morningstar since Christmas Day 2016. I love these guys and I was so happy to get Gerard Deleeuw’s phone call/invitation. I’ll be sharing for about a half-hour before the Study begins. I’ll be leading some worship songs for us to all sing together and then sharing a few of my own solo tunes. I have a warm place in my heart for Whittier (many dear friends and the scene (so to speak) of Songs From Bright Avenue. If you’re not otherwise committed to anything at your own Church, please consider joining us. Pastor Jack is a skillful and insightful teacher … after I’m done with my part, I’ll be gratefully digging into the Word with everyone else!