With my visit to Salem for this morning’s Sunday School concert at Salem Alliance Church, I was hoping to fill-in the evening with something “local” if not back into the Portland area. It worked our very well that my longtime friend Jennie Pitney invited me to spend this fine afternoon singing at First United Methodist Church in Salem, OR. Her husband pastors there (so she has that “in”) and, I’m happy to report, the Worship Community also gave the green light. So that’s where I’m heading that afternoon for a three o’clock start.

Given that we’ve turned the corner into December, this will primarily be a Christmastide Concert and I’m hoping to sing two or three carols all together with whoever shows up to listen. But, as always, I’ll also be including a few “any season” songs.

Please note the event will be held in the Micah Worship Center (the building next to the main church on the corner of State St. and Cottage St. NE).