My friend Kevin Stevenson introduced me to his friend Jeff Tomes. Jeff owns and runs a cool little coffeehouse in Old Town Fullerton. One impromptu visit and I’m not only keen on returning as a coffee-loving customer but also excited to schedule an evening of live, in-person music. (After two years of careful, not-very-many appearances, it feels so good to be filling up my calendar again.) Admission is free (no cover, no minimum) but the correct way to do this is to come thirsty for their tasty beverages (coffee-related and┬ákombucha on-tap) as well as an assortment of snacks. In other words, the way to support their sponsoring and supporting me is to directly support them! (You probably already knew that, right? … BTW, that’s a lot of “supports” in just one run-on sentence!) Please come join us! You’ll get me at my semi-caffeinated best. (It’s a cozy place, so consider arriving a little bit early to make sure you get a seat.)