I’m posting this for the first time on March 15th. October seems a l-o-o-o-n-g ways away. But, time seems to pass a lot faster than it used to and it’ll be here in the relative wink of an eye. So, I don’t quite yet know what my sessions will fully be about, but I’m planning. Simply check out the web page for the impressive list of participants that they’re letting me hang out with. In particular (and his referral got me this gig) is my friend Dr. Jerry Root. Jerry is one of the most generous and knowledgeable people I’ve ever met. But aside from usually being the smartest guy in the room (a description which he would disown), he is so engaging … with everyone! I want to be like that when I grow up! Jerry passed my name along to Conference organizer Emily Marschner and she has been so very encouraging even at this early stage of planning.

There are various levels of registration costs (depending on seminars-only versus some sort of lodging/meals added-on). It’s all a few clicks away from the Main Conference page. Of course I’m hoping to be an encouragement to everyone who crosses my path, but I’m also hoping to learn and be challenged creatively. It’s a time and money commitment … no doubt about that … but “on paper” it looks to be a magnificent four days together. If any of this info seems out-of-date, skip it all and head over to the dedicated web page, or call, or email. I expect somebody helpful will get back with you. (PS: The dates of the Conference are October 26-29 … my WordPress template doesn’t particularly like date ranges.)