I’m so happy that my pal Bob Lepine, when he found out I was visiting family for Thanksgiving in Batesville, asked me to sing in Little Rock at his Church. I’ve known Bob for many years. (By the way, he was the fellow who, when Bruce Carroll, Billy Sprague, and I toured together in the mid-90’s, christened us “The Killer B’s”.) This evening has been titled “An Evening of Hymns, Carols, Cookies and Classics with Bob Bennett.” Man, that sounds like something I might come to even if I wasn’t singing. Cookies? I’m in! We’ll start dessert about 6:00 p.m. and then follow that with an hour-long concert. As we will now officially be past the Pre-Thanksgiving-Christmas-Music-Embargo, I’ll be playing a few songs fromĀ Christmastide, some other catalog songs, a couple new things perhaps, and a few hymns we can all join in on. I know Thanksgiving week has been busy, but it would be great if you could join us. (Location note from Church website: “Redeemer Community Church is located in the Ashley Square Shopping Center, just above the Revenue Office.”)