For many years, my friend Carl Kikerpill has led a team of dedicated people to host “Free to Love Again” Divorce Recovery Workshops. This year marks their Ten Year Anniversary of presenting these events. Although my memory could be incorrect, I think this is the fourth time I’ll be singing at a Workshop. This time it’s after the Workshop itself for an Evening Concert that is preceded by a Dinner at 6:00 p.m. The event is open to all, but if you’re not a Conference Registrant (see the link for that), it might be good manners to simply pop Carl an email if you’re turning up for the Dinner. If interested in the Concert portion only, then just come ahead with no notice necessary. I’ve termed my contribution a Divorce Recovery Concert because, although I’ll likely do a variety of songs, I will concentrate on songs relevant to the Workshop theme: “Lord of the Past”, “No Such Thing as Divorce”, “Here on Bright Avenue”, “Our Codependent Love” (for a little necessary comic relief), “Angels Around Your Bed”, etc. Of course “Divorce Recovery” does not have to be a part of your resumé, but I wanted there to be truth-in-advertising for the emphasis of my set that night. I hope you can join us! PLEASE NOTE: If you’re interested in attending the Thu-Fri-Sat Workshop, be sure to check out the links provided for “Free to Love Again” and the Workshop Registration Page.