I sang at Calvary Chapel Rialto on Easter Sunday earlier this year. It was a great morning  all-around. Here’s the fun thing … Assistant Pastor Daniel Hlebo literally put this date on the Church calendar in the parking lot as we getting ready to leave after it was all over. How’s that for efficiently covering the major Seasons of the Christian Calendar? His Dad, Pastor Terry Hlebo, signed off on the whole idea in between Services.

I’ll get a heads-up soon as to how long I’ll be singing. Likely not less than 30 minutes and perhaps a bit more . I’ll update as I get more specifics. But if you’re in or around Rialto, please mark your calendar and join us. I know at this juncture, things are either already getting a little crazy (or about to) with all the Holiday rushing around. This could be a nice way to slow down a bit and, as the true cliché goes, remember and celebrate the Reason for the Season.