I’m very excited to be returning for the third time to visit with Pastor Greg Allen and the Congregation at Bethany Baptist. I was there at Easter, so twice in one year is a great luxury for me. This will be my first Christmastide Concert of the 2017 Season. (I’m playing a private House Concert the night before but with a mixture of Christmas and non-Christmas songs on that setlist.) As always, my thanks to Dawn and Brian Johnston for generously helping with logistics. Also, my gratitude to Ann Reid and all at The Fish 104.1 FM and 93.9 KPDQ for their very kind promotional assistance and support. (Their respective Event Pages are HERE and HERE.)

My daughter Kate lives in Portland and I’m very excited for a chance to be with her. But with Pastor Greg and Marilyn as well as those Amazing Johnstons (and my Friday hosts Ron and Lin Carlson), it certainly feels like I have lots of family up there now. If you’re in or near Portlandia, come on over … we’d love to have you.