As you may know, I’m near the end of a new Kickstarter Campaign for my upcoming concert recording with the Judson University Choir in September. To highlight the last five days of the Campaign and to have a little fun, I’ve scheduled a Free Online Streaming Concert Set for Friday, August 5th at 7:00 p.m. PDT. You can access the concert in real-time via the “View Concert” link. This should work with most any computer web browser as well as any smartphone or pad device. You’ll probably need access to wi-fi to make this work. A good rule-of-thumb is that if you’ve successfully used Skype, FaceTime, or other services that depend on real-time-streaming, then your connection should be good to go for this little venture.

I’m planning on a half-hour set but we could go longer if things go well. Please note that, according to the usual rules/limitations of Concert Window, this will not be archived and can only be viewed as it happens. Perhaps you can join me!