Okay, I’ll admit that characterizing any evening as one-of-a-kind might sometimes be a bit of over-enthusiasm on my part. But, in this case, I have to stick with that description for this night. My dear friend Ron Strand has worked it out for me to be sharing an evening with my longtime friends Michele Pillar and Kelly Willard.¬†Folks, there’s a reason why dozens of the best CCM albums ever made have featured their background vocals/duets. And, of course, they have distinguished, decades-long solo careers … and as you probably know, they’re not only talented but also truly anointed. ¬†(It takes a lot for me to use the adjective “anointed”, but come on, that description is the right one.) We’re still ironing out the details about the format of the evening but it’s very likely we’ll all do some solo songs and then come together for an in-the-round segment.

The majority of Upper Room Concerts are “Donation Only”. But some nights are ticketed and this is one of those nights … modestly priced at $15.00 each. Our hope is that seats will go in fairly short order. If we sell-out and there’s enough interest, we may schedule a second set earlier in the afternoon. Watch this space for more details if that happens.

Michele Pillar / Kelly Willard