THIS IS A RESCHEDULED DATE FROM DECEMBER 7th. There we difficulties accessing the normal UR Venue … so we live-streamed a set from Ron Strand’s home. This date is the rescheduled, back-at-the-Upper-Room date that makes up for that. This time round, Hadley will be joined by his bandmates in PointMade. (The last-minute change to a living room made a band situation unworkable … no longer a constraint for this time!) We’re almost out of seats as I post this, but check the Event Page at the Upper Room website or the Facebook Page for up-to-the-moment info on that. Hope you can join us!

Original blurb from December date:

Ron Strand and my friends at The Upper Room are hosting a one-of-a-kind evening with me, your Humble Acoustic Servant, as part of the mix. Now that we have that obvious detail out of the way, let’s get to the really fun part of the plans. I’ll be joined by two extraordinarily talented longtime friends. First, Hadley Hockensmith will be there with the band PointMade. Hadley is an incredible musician with a “I’ve-played-with-who’s-who” CV that includes, perhaps most notably for over thirty years, Neil Diamond. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also being joined by “The Voice” … you know, that voice … Kelly Willard! Kelly has been faithfully singing, playing, writing, and ministering for 40+ years (that I know of). I have a wonderful history with both these distinctive artists and it will be fun to be between them on the evening’s proceedings. As I post this, we’ve already got a substantial amount of reservations, so if interested, you should likely click-and-reserve ASAP. BTW, the official title for all of this is: “A Warm & Cozy Family Christmas”. So taking my cue from that, I invite you to come and be warm and cozy with us and we’ll do our best to give you a great evening of music, stories, and fellowship. And, I expect, there will be snacks. You know how I love the snacks!