My dear friend Bill Hayes is hosting me for an early-evening House Concert, preceded by a Potluck Dinner. Normally, these sorts of thing are private, invitation-only events. And that’s true of most of the guests who will come. (I’m signing at Bill’s church in Cedar Hill in the morning and folks will also be invited from there.) But I also have the go-ahead to post about the evening here and invite “the public”. So, “Hey Public, wanna come?” If so, you’ll need to confirm space by making reservations with him. His email and phone are the ones listed here. Although I expect no one would be turned away if they were unable to bring some of sort of food contribution, it would be very cool if you could. You can work out those details with Bill. Will it be the Official Guy Potluck Contribution of chips or chicken from the Colonel … or something else? One thing’s for sure, I expect we will not want for food at all. So, if you can join us, give Bill a shout. IMPORTANT … If weather permits, we’ll be outdoors. So it’s a strongly suggested that you BYOC (bring your own chair). And probably bring a light jacket or similar if you’re prone to feeling cold when everyone else is in shirtsleeves. Hope to see you there.