Back on August 31st, Pastor Paul Christman and Thom Helmick invited me to sing at Calvary Chapel High Country in Anza, CA. After a great evening, Pastor Paul and I started batting around ideas for me to return during the Christmas Season. In this case, the Church is hosting a private Christmas Dinner for their Staff in appreciation for their year-long service to the Body there. So, my happy task will be to sing a few Christmastide songs and probably lead a few carols.

So, you might be thinking: “I wonder if Bob could do something like that for our Church? Or at my house? Or in a laundromat downtown? A Tupperware Party?” Well nothing gets by you, does it? The resounding answer is: Yes, I likely can. All you need to do is contact me so we can starting dreaming up whatever scenario gets you and me in the same room for some music and hang time. Use either the handy CONTACT form (if you’re not quite sure how to begin) or the BOOKING form (if you have a rough idea of where this might go). Don’t worry about details, just haul off and do it and fill-in what you can. Then I’ll be in touch. Honestly folks, House Concerts are one of my very, very favorite things to do. I’d love to do one for you!