Yes, I know it can be frustrating for me to list a Private House Concert among all the other “open to the public” dates. But this is my way of reminding you that I am ready, willing, and quite able to come to your area for a smaller scale, intimate concert gathering. It could be your house, a friend’s house that is better suited, a condo/apartment rec room, a meeting room at your library, a college music department room, a restaurant banquet room. Any place that isn’t quite “public” and is invitation/reservation only. Use the Contact Form for a general inquiry. If you’re actually thinking of a particular date or have more definition to your idea, use the handy Booking Form. Everything comes directly to me. No manager or agent. (I’d love to have both, but I’m a one-man-shop these days.) Don’t worry about details. This is NOT as daunting as it might seem at first. I can help you with some of the broad outlines of how to host a House Concert. Most of the people that work with me in this way have never done this sort of thing before. And unless some folks are just too polite to tell me after the fact, these things always seem to work out very well for all involved. So, please keep in mind an consider that … “For a Bob Bennett Concert, sometimes the best seat in the house … is at your house!”