I’m headed to San Antonio for Saturday and Sunday of this weekend. Every year now, it seems I’m in the area on the weekend before Thanksgiving. Last year, some folks drove over from Houston to hear me … and we make tentative plans right then and there for them to host a House Concert at their home in 2018. Before you know it, almost a year has passed and, with a minimal amount of effort, I’m singing at their house on this night. I know you must being saying to yourself right now, “Hey Bob, I bet I/we could host you at our house!” And, you know what, you’d be absolutely right! Why not contact me using the handy Form┬áright here on the website. No salesman will call, no high pressure, it’s just me. It’s easier than you think. Don’t have the kind of house to host 25-30 people? That’s when you start thinking of friends who do and might partner with you in this. It’s all doable. Honest.