I’ve recently become reacquainted with an old childhood friend who lived on my same street in Downey, CA. I went to school with him and his older brother from grade school through high school. On this night, we’re gathering for a backyard feast and solo acoustic concert. As usual, I have to temporarily forgo the fabulous Mexican food that’s being delivered until after all the singing is done. Mind you, I’m not whining (much). It’s part of the gig and I’m always happy to do this. But, for goodness sakes come on, it’s Mexican food. My all-time favorite.

Perhaps you’d like to have me come sing at your house and watch me try to avoid whatever great food you might be serving to your guests. That can really happen. Use the handy Contact Form to touch base and I’ll email you details. Or we can even utilize that fantastic new device that enables real-time, back-and-forth, discussions that are sometimes better than all other digital options: the telephone!