I’m so pleased to have been introduced to Pastor Jerry Rueb at a recent Men’s Retreat. The fellowship was instantaneous and his insights throughout were welcome and appreciated. Fortunately, for me, he took an interest in my music there and that led to this invitation. He will be preaching on “spiritual warfare” and, although my song “Man of the Tombs” doesn’t precisely address his emphasis on the topic, he’s asked to sing it at the conclusion of his message. I’ll also be joining the Worship Team for a second song somewhere else in the Order of Service. So, a new place to sing and new friends to make … a part of my job that I truly treasure! If you’re in and around the greater Long Beach area and otherwise uncommitted, please make plans to join us either Saturday night or Sunday morning. PLEASE NOTE … I will also be singing for the 6:00 p.m. Saturday evening Service (which is an evening-before version of the Sunday AM Services).