This is going to be a blast. My close pals Cliff and Lori Lewis will be opening their beautiful home for a Friday evening House Concert. I’ve known them for years, so this is essentially going to be a visit/snackathon for us … with lots of music and guests added to make it even more festive. But here’s the kicker. One of their very closest friends is Steve Holden, known to almost everyone as Old School Coach. Years ago, Lori started training with him and it didn’t take long for them to become fast friends. Now she and Cliff are working with Coach to expand his work by developing an Old School Coach TV show. (I even wrote and demo’d a possible theme song for the show.) Steve’s winsome approach, as his moniker suggests, is as a no-nonsense, hey-pal-get-the-job-done kind of guy. Most of us, of a certain age, had a coach like that in school. I certainly did, back when I was Bob “Take-a-Lap” Bennett. But, of course, his persona and humor are only part of it. Coach has decades of experience and he knows what he’s talking about. It feels like “tough love” (and OSC is definitely one tough guy), but make no mistake about it … it’s always governed by love and his gift for helping anyone he comes into contact with. So, all of that to say … OSC is co-hosting this evening and  I’ll be meeting him for the first time on this trip.

“Semi-Private” means that this is mostly an invitation-only evening. But there are a few seats available to “the public”. If interested in attending, simply call Lori or email her through the OSC website. There’s no strict admission charge, but a donation would be the neighborly thing to do. When you reserve your place(s), you’ll then get time and location information. I suggested a marketing line in a recent text to Lori: “You’ll come for the music, but you’ll stay for Bob attempting to do just one push-up without having to call EMT!” Of course what we’re really hoping for at the end of the night is this disclaimer: “No rotund musicians were harmed in the planning and execution of tonight’s OSC-sponsored House Concert!”