A few months back, I shared an evening with Paul Aldrich here in Southern California. He is a seriously funny man (“seriously funny” is a term borrowed from my lifelong friend and comedy pioneer Dan Rupple). I’ve also shared more than one great evening with my dear pals Bruce Carroll and Scott Wesley Brown. (In the late 1990’s through about 2003, I occasionally teamed up for concerts with Bruce and Billy Sprague. Our good pal Bob Lepine dubbed us “The Killer B’s” and it just sort of stuck. Billy’s currently the Worship Pastor at Edgewater Alliance Church in Florida and still very much active as a soloist. So, these days SWB is the third “B”.)

Anyway, all of that to say that Bruce, Scott, Paul, and I are all attending a Retreat in Franklin in the days leading up to this Concert. In fact our presence “in town” for that gathering led to Paul organizing this Friday evening event which is sponsored by Nashville Guitar Store. The format will be “in-the-round”, meaning that we’ll all be on stage at the same time, trading stories and songs. I’m not sure if “songwriters in-the-round” was invented in Nashville, but it has certainly become synonymous with Nashville’s legendary Bluebird Cafe. For me, it’s a sublime opportunity on several levels. I get to be with some of my favorite musical and comedic humans … and I get to be an audience member (with an onstage seat) for about three-fourths of the show. I get the blessings and I don’t even have to work as hard as I do at a solo show … what could be wrong with that?!?

Some additional details:

  • There is a $1.50 fee-per-ticket for each advance ticket purchase online. Everybody does this now, even the movie ticket sites.
  • There are group rates for parties of ten or more. This would be a great opportunity for an adult Sunday School class or Home Bible Study.
  • Our seating is limited to 250, so we could fill up fast as word gets out.