This will be my fourth visit to Faith Worship Community. This place will always have a special meaning for me because on one those visits (11/22/15), then-Pastor Adam Ayers asked me to preach the Sunday Morning Message. He (and, truly, everyone) was totally gracious, but I can tell you that this is a lot harder than it looks from the pews. I knew going in that being a songwriter didn’t necessarily mean I’d have the goods in this guitar-less setting. But as I’m a storyteller between songs, I thought that might help a little more than it probably did. It wasn’t a total disaster, but it’s likely this little foray may be my first and last time doing this. (The audio evidence that I am definitely not The Serminator┬áis HERE.) Other than my jumping around, please forgive the veritable festival of “ums” and hesitations until I seemed to get my footing about ten minutes in. Certainly feel free to click away if you reach the place where you just can’t take it anymore. The good news for the Body there on this particular Sunday is that I’ll be singing and playing only. Many thanks to Paul Stebner for the invitation. Finally, please note that the meeting location for Sundays is at the Balearic Community Center in Costa Mesa, CA.