Calvary Chapel South County meets on Sunday mornings at the venerable music venue The Coach House. I’d always dreamed about playing there someday but I never imagined it would be on a Sunday morning! Last August, Pastor Mark Barrett invited me to sing and I had a fine morning with the Body there. Now I’ve been invited back but this time I’ll be sharing the morning with my good friend Rick Conklin. For those who might remember, the band Aslan was an extraordinary Maranatha! Music group in the mid-’70’s/early ’80’s and Rick was one of the cofounders of the group. You can read a good bit about Aslan by navigating to the ancient-but-still-there website Jesus Music. It uses the old frames scheme for navigation, so simply use the pull-down Artist menu to select “Aslan (Maranatha)”. (As you might expect, there was more than one band by that well-known Narnian name). There you’ll find interviews with Rick as well as Jim Abdo and Bill Hoppe . In 2008, Aslan reformed as BrokenWorks and released a new album titled Blaze Away. All of that leads to this: Rick and I will likely do a little “song trading” back-and-forth as well as leading a few congregational songs as part of the Sunday Service. We hope it will be a blessing for all concerned … please join us.