Pastor Terry Reynolds and Kendra Martin have invited me to play a few songs before the Evening Bible Study. Given that Christmas Eve is a week away, I’ll be concentrating on material from my 2009 album Christmastide. (Early on Christmas Eve, I’ll be with my friends at Holy Trinity Church, meeting at Vanguard University. At that time, I’ll be joining a group of musicians as we provide accompaniment for the music portions of a Christmas Eve Lessons and Carols Service.) But this particular Sunday night at Agape Chapel OC, I’ll be doing my last Christmastide Concert of the year. I always feel a twinge of sadness at having to “retire” these songs every year … only to feel much better when I get to revive them again after Thanksgiving. Please join us this night if you can … and note that the meeting location for Agape Chapel, as always, is at Halecrest Park in Costa Mesa.