I know the listing says “Sunday School”, but we’re in the 21st Century now. So, this is actually a “Community Group” (and, to be fair, similar groups also meet in the evening on Saturdays). Rob and Dawn Aldridge lead the “Family Ties” group which consists of marrieds and singles, aged 50-75 … in other words, these are my people! My suggestion is that if you’d like to attend this morning’s gathering and you’re not a regular part of the class, it might be a good idea to email Rob simply to make sure there’s space. These sorts of things, while certainly not closed to visitors, tend to be planned for as “in-house” by default. So, it makes sense to check-in if you’re visiting. If only so they brew extra coffee and lay out more donuts. We’ll be meeting at Faith Annex, a building nearby the main church. Check out the Campus Map link for more info. You can also go old-school and simply ask a real human being once you get parked.

Please note that if you can’t make this morning (or if you’re just that committed of a listener), I’ll also be singing at 3:00 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church of Salem and the concert will be followed by a potluck dinner. See the listing below this one for details.