Back in early 1977 when everything ‘Christian” was brand new, Calvary Chapel Downey was my first Church. After a long, fallow period of estrangement from the Catholic Faith of my childhood and a kind of de-facto vague agnosticism (read “avoidance”, essentially so I could do whatever I wanted, or so I thought), I read a copy of Good News for Modern Man and talked deep into the night several times with my then-roommate, fellow seeker (and lifelong best friend) Dan Rupple. It didn’t take long for me to be curious about whether or not there was a Church nearby where I might fit in. My exposure to “End Times” teaching piqued my interest, but I soon learned that while that issue was quite important, the Heart of the Gospel was very much deeper than that. Pastor Jeff Johnson welcomed me and Dan into the Body there. We were serious about our Faith but it certainly didn’t hurt that there were lots of cute girls who loved the Lord, too! Pretty early on, I remember making a pastoral appointment with Jeff and I carried a 3×5 card scrawled with “newbie” questions into that meeting. I still have that card somewhere. For many years, CCD was my home and I always feel a great sense of “returning” when I visit there, especially to sing. Thanks to Pastor Jeff for the invite and to Jake Rowley for helping me round out the details. I look forward to this visit back home!