It was getting to be a thing. A really good thing. In 2020, for the fourth year in a row, my good Paul Aldrich scheduled me to again take part in his very successful Paul Aldrich & Friends concert series. My first year was with Bruce Carroll and Scott Wesley Brown. 2018 was my first time meeting and sharing the stage with Wayne Watson. And 2019 brought my first meeting and concert with the legendary Matthew Ward. And we were in the planning stages for 2020 when a little thing called Covid-19 hit. Although we were all expecting “two weeks to flatten the curve”, it still seemed prudent to put everything on hold. And as you likely well know, we didn’t quite flatten Covid as we’d hoped … in fact, it flattened us!

Now into 2022, things appear to be improving and folks in many jurisdictions are getting back to a life that somewhat resembles normal. (I expect things will never quite be the same, but that’s not a discussion for a concert listing, right?) So … I’m coming to the Greater Nashville area for a Retreat … and then on Friday, April 8th, I’m returning to Grace Church with Paul. As Paul was planning the evening, he asked me, “Hey, you know Michael Card, right? Do you think he’d …?” Well, let me cut to the chase. YES, he will! I couldn’t be more excited to be doing this. I toured with Michael in the Fall of 1990 and Spring of 1991. He has a permanent place in my Life’s Hall of Fame for kindnesses and acceptance that came at the worst possible times of my life. Perhaps analogous to a fellow soldier who pulls you to safety on a raging battlefield and literally saves your life. In any event (and, to push the pun, this particular event), we’ll be together again in concert with Paul and I expect it will be a one-of-kind blessing for all involved. Check out the links for ticket information. I don’t know how to predict live events these days, but my sense is that the tickets could move pretty quickly. I hope you’ll join us if you’re anywhere close to Middle Tennessee! Even if you can’t make it, please let your friends and neighbors in the Greater Nashville area know about it. Much appreciated.