Thanks for clicking over here. It’s likely that you may have seen this web address because:

— You caught a livestream concert (most often on Facebook) or viewed an archived version on FB or YouTube.

— You asked for a way to send a donation. (Sorry, not tax-deductible.)

— I referred you here to pay for a specialty item not listed in my regular website store or a similar thing.

Here are several ways you can add funds to the “Digital Tip Jar”.
When you make your choice, most of these allow you to add a note.
If so, it would be most helpful if you briefly let me know what prompted your contribution.
(Example: Facebook Live, 3/21/20)
Then I’ll know how to categorize your contribution for my own bookkeeping.

Again, my sincere thanks for your interest in me and my music.
And for supporting me in this way so I can carry on.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (as of Friday, December 11, 2020):

Like so many during the continuing CoronaVirus National Emergency
(declared last March 13th) my work has been completely upended and 
concert calendar is almost completely empty. All these many months later,
we are still in a “mostly-shelter in-place situation”, especially here in California.

The embarrassing fact is that I’m a high-risk guy due to age and medical
concerns. So, even when a lot of the citizenry can start edging back toward
normal, I expect I’ll still be fairly conservative in terms of “getting out there”
and traveling. This is still an evolving situation and, by no means, over
just because we’ve all had quite enough.

I know everyone is facing challenges we have never seen in our lifetimes.
Please know that whatever amount you throw into the Tip Jar, my Wife
and I are so very appreciative of your generosity during this crazy time.

(If some are returning here, special thanks to you for your past
support. If you haven’t received an email acknowledgement of
your gift yet, it’s only because I’ve gotten behind on those. I do not
mean to seem rude or ungrateful. Please kindly pardon me on
this score and know that I read every note included with these
gifts and I so much appreciate everyone who is helping me out
in this way.)

This list of “pay options” is not meant to intimidate.
Hopefully, you’ll simply find something that you’d be
comfortable using. No particular preference from my end,
I just wanted to make it as “no hassle” as possible.

You can use this web page:
Or use the PayPal smartphone app.
My PayPal ID is:

Use the Venmo smartphone app.
My Venmo ID is: Bob-Bennett-Music.
(If you leave me a note on Venmo, I will
reply via the Venmo website/app. The interface
is similar to a chat. It’s kind of cool.)

APPLE PAY (aka Apple Cash)
Use the Apple Wallet on your IOS Device
My Apple Pay ID is:

CASH APP (formerly Square Cash):
Use the CashApp smartphone app.
My CashApp ID is: $bobbennettmusic

Several Artists use this site.
If you’ve used it before, then a good option.
Like the concept.
(This posts through to PayPal … if you’re PayPal friendly,
you can “go direct”. Same difference.

Access via your bank.
My Zelle ID is:

Payable to Bob Bennett.
Mail to:
Bob Bennett
PO Box 11866
Costa Mesa, CA 92627-0866

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