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This past Thursday I flew into Pittsburgh a day early for a Friday House Concert. On the way home from the Airport, my host George Mazariegos pointed out one of the quintessential Pittsburgh eateries: Primanti Brothers, the home of the Almost Famous Sandwich. Served on Italian Bread, piled high with the meat of your choice, the sandwich features cole slaw and french fries already layered on board. I’m pictured ¬†with the menu above me. There are very few side items on the menu because everything you need is already on the sandwich. (I have a single entry so far on my Pinterest account titled “Places My Cardiologist Won’t Like as Much as I Do!”. I’ll be adding Primanti Brothers to that list.) For the record, as I’ve recently lost 25 pounds on Weight Watchers, I got the turkey version. Not health food by any means, but the least of the bunch.

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After the concert, we used George’s very cool selfie-stick extension (which is being held by Norman Schulz, visiting from Berlin, next to me). Except for him and me, everyone else is part of the Mazariegos Clan. (L-R): Becky, Bartolome, George, Elena, and Mateo. One of the great things about House Concerts is making new friends. It was a short visit, but hopefully the first of more to come. Many thanks to George, Becky, the Kids, and their great Friends who showed up to make the evening so enjoyable.

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