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So I send out an Email Newsletter to my small, but dedicated Mailing List. I’m happily announcing this new web site and I create a hyperlink behind the text “www.bobbennett.com”. Except, of course, that after I hit “send” to all those people and get my own email copy of the thing, I find that first period in the linked-URL behind the correct text was a mistyped comma. Thus, a broken link.

I sent out a one-sentence corrective email within ten minutes: “The way that you know a guy does his own email newsletters when he’s tired late at night is that he introduces a brand-new website and mistypes his own URL for the link.”

Again, I tip my hat to Jared McClellan, Randy Greene, and Jorim Tapley who are the trio responsible for laying the digital foundation and building this beautiful new structure. I’m never more appreciative of what they do and how well they do it … until I try to do it.


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