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BOB BENNETT “AUTO-BIO”  (In other words, from him!)
Rather than subject you to a breathless and overblown press kit biography, I’ll just tell you a little bit about myself.  Long before I ever tried to make my own music, I was an avid listener.  I spent hours camped out next to the family stereo, methodically working my way through my older brother’s folk music collection.  All that music gave me a big window into the larger world and fired my young imagination.  I began playing guitar at age ten, started writing my own songs and have pretty much been at it in the 52 years since!  I’ve recorded eleven solo albums since 1979, shared concerts with wonderful folks like Michael Card, Amy Grant, Bruce Carroll, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, and Steve Bell.  I even spent two years as a radio talk show host.  A lifetime in music has afforded me the opportunity to do the one thing I always wanted to do. To be sure, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme but music is still my full time occupation.  I was raised Roman Catholic and I’m grateful for that heritage.  I got more serious about living a day-to-day Faith in 1977, mostly as a result of reading a modern language New Testament.  Whether I sing at churches, colleges, coffeehouses, house concerts, folk festivals or even an Irish pub or two, I’m happy to be doing something I love so very much.  I’m always hopeful that while I do the singing, the Lord is faithful to, perhaps, use this “soundtrack music” as He sees fit.  Thanks so much for inviting me and for listening.
— Bob Bennett

Literate songs, friendly humor, precise fingerstyle guitar, warm vocals and a healthy dash of genuine hopefulness: these are the tools Bob Bennett brings to work with him every time he steps on stage.  And this is a man who dearly loves his job!  Over eleven critically acclaimed albums, thousands of concert appearances from living rooms up to large arenas (even a two-year stint on-air in talk radio), Bob Bennett has never lost sight of who he works for: his listeners.  “The magic of live music is that it’s always different and interesting each night.  It’s not only what I intend the songs to mean, it’s what each listener hears.  What they bring into the room is every bit as important as what I bring.  The best music gives an audience room to find their own place in the songs.  I try to always be aware of that dynamic and to keep my part of the bargain with as much skill as I can.”  The Orange County Register simply encourages “music fans [to] discover his intimate and beautiful folk style on a range of wonderful discs.  Life seems to keep infusing Bennett with plenty of experiences to fuel the growth needed to keep his songs relevant.”

Bob Bennett spent the better part of his boyhood camped out next to the family record player, listening to his older brother’s extensive folk music collection.  He was captivated and wholly inspired by what the speakers projected: literate story songs, ballads, creative humor, travelogues, songs of work and family, faith and doubt.  When Bob finally picked up a guitar at age ten and began writing these kinds songs for himself, it became immediately clear that he’d paid close attention in “stereo school” and there would definitely be one less doctor, lawyer or Indian chief in the neighborhood!  He’s recorded eleven critically acclaimed solo albums, artists such as Glen Campbell have recorded his songs. He’s worked in concert with Amy Grant, David Wilcox, Pierce Pettis, Barry McGuire, Phil Keaggy, Bruce Carroll, Randy Stonehill, and Steve Bell.  The Orange County Register simply encourages “music fans [to] discover his intimate and beautiful folk style on a range of wonderful discs.  Life seems to keep infusing Bennett with plenty of experiences to fuel the growth needed to keep his songs relevant.”  Bob says, “There are not many guys who can say they’ve spent a lifetime doing the precise thing they always wanted to do.  It’s certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme, but in my own way I try to pass along the magic of what I was first given.  I dearly love the fact that this actually is my day job, although I usually work the night shift!”  When asked how he measures his success, he replies with a smile, “Hotel soap!  If I have lots of hotel soaps at home, then it must mean I’m working enough.  As long as I don’t have to buy a full-sized bar out of necessity, then I’m in good shape!”

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